Minggu, 11 Juni 2017

Learning from Nature

Nature is a life. Nature is a place. A place where we can do so many things. A place where we breathe. A place where we eat. A place where we study. A place that give us health, happiness, inspiration, ideas, and many more. Nature can’t  be describe with words. Nature is a home. It is a special gift from God. It gives us everything that we need, health with its herbs, energy from its resources, or happiness from its wonderful scenery. It gives habitat for animals and plants. It give us so many benefits. Have you ever imagine if nature doesn’t have oxygen? Maybe we already died. If just one thing be lost from nature, it will disturb the balance of life. So, nature is something precious for living things especially for us as human beings, the part of natural world.
Sometimes nature can be disaster for us. As an example, tsunami, floods, earthquakes, tornados, and volcanic eruptions. It can be happen every time. The natural world is outrage now. It causes so many disadvantages. The climates  become uncontrolled. The temperature getting higher. People die everywhere and every time it happen. What’s wrong? Where is the mistake? It is right in front of us. Human become greedy and cruel. Human do the destructions when exploiting its resoures. The balance of ecosystem not fit anymore. But, we are not too late to fix it.
I ever have an experience with nature. At that time, i and my schoolmate did an observation about plant. The plant that we observated were hardwood tree. We went to junggle and stayed at the camp. I really love being there. I could see beautiful scenery of nature, studied about plant and animal, and had a phobias by insects. It was amaizing. From there, i knew that there are still many things that i do not know abaut the natural world that we live in.
There are a lot of things we can learn from nature. For me, i can learn that we have to take care of  our world. We have to take care of the place that we live in. We have to care with each other. It is all because we live in the same place, our beloved earth. And i hope that all people around the world always take care of it and make nature be more beautiful and meaningful.

Senin, 27 Februari 2017

Crossword Puzzle

This is our crossword puzzle...
Can you finish it?

1. To poke something violently
3. My enemy is cat
4. Symbol of love
6. Something for decoration
7. Place where there are groups of animal
8. Modern weapon
9. When you distrub a bee, they will... 
10. Turn something upside down
11. Beauty is mine
14. Free from ill
17. Put a food into...
21. Girls like to lubricate it with a colourful stick
22. A brand of chips
24. An activity to find gold
26. Christmas tree
30. Charateristic of vinegar     
2. Winnie the pooh 
5. Wild wind
7. Big failure (informal languange)
9. Kind of bean 
12. Not fake
13. The highest point
15. Who is always with king
16. Paper
18. Animal’s doctor
19. Get down
20. That’s wrong, but you say that’s true
23. Payable On Death
25. Take and...
27. Side x Side
28. A half of diameter
29. Mexico popular food    

By: Rachma Allysa V. P. A. (28)
      Angela Gabriella (03)

Senin, 06 Februari 2017

My favourite song

Hi, I want to tell you about my favourite song

So, my favourite song is Miracle in December by EXO. The song is from South Korea.
Actually, I don’t really like Korean singer. But one of them, EXO, is a really good kpop boy group. They had twelve members, it is nine now. Each members has diffirent talent. Some good in singing, some good in dancing, some good in rapping music. They combined in a group.

They have so many good song. But I really like “Miracle in December”. It is so beautiful song. When the first time I listening to that song, I can’t stop it. I keep listen to it. i really love the high note.

Well, this song released on 9th December 2013. I knew it at 2017. It was late … It presented as a special winter album. It attracts many positive reviews and commercial success.  The album  have been sold up to 582.580 copies at  japan and South Korea.

This song is a pop ballad with classical piano accompaniment. This song was written by Andreas Stone Johansson and Rick Hanley. By the way,  the song was only performed by four EXO members: Baekhyun, D.O., and Chen recorded the song in Korean, while Baekhyun, Chen, and Luhan recorded it in Mandarin.

“Miracle in December” talks about a man who recalls with nostalgia the relationship with his former girlfriend and his desire to return to it, but cannot do so because of the shame and guilt.

This is the lyric in Korean and english:
Boiji aneun nol chajeuryogo esseunda
Deulliji aneun nol deureuryo esseunda

Boiji andon ge boigo
Deulliji andon ge dellyo
No nareul ttonan dwiro negen opdon himi senggyosso

Neul nabakke mollassotdon igijogin nega yeah
Ni mamdo mollajwotdon musimhan nega
Irohkedo dallajyotdaneun ge najocha midgiji ana
Ni sarangeun irohke gyesok nal umjikyo

Nan senggakman hamyon sesangeul noro cheul su isso eum~
Nunsongi hanaga ni nunmul han bangurinikka

Dan han gaji mothaneun goseun nol negero oge haneun il
I chorahan choneungryok ijen opsoseumyon johgesso u~

Neul nabakke mollassotdon igijogin nega
Ni mamdo mollajwotdon musimhan nega
Irohkedo dallajyotdaneun ge najocha midgiji ana
Ni sarangeun irohke gyesok nal umjigyo

Siganeul momcwo nige doraga
Chuoge chekeun noye pheijireul yoro
Nan geu ane isso o~

Nowa hamke itneun gol

Aju jogeumahgo yakhan sarami noye sarangi
Irohke modeun gol (ne salmeun modu) bakkun gol (sesangeul modu)

O~ Sarangi gomaun jul mollassotdon nega o~
Kkeutnamyon geumanin jul aratdon nega o~
No wonhetdon geu moseub geudero nalmada nareul gocyo ga
Ne sarangeun kkeutopsi gyesokdwel got gata

Siganeul momcwo (O! Ije na)
Nige doraga (niga doraga) (niga doraga)
Chuoge chekeun (O! Oneuldo)
Noye pheijireul yoro
Nan geu ane isso o~

Geu gyoure waitneungol

Boiji aneun nol chajeuryogo esseunda
Deulliji anneun nol deureuryo esseunda

I try to find you, who I can’t see
I try to hear you, who I can’t hear
Then I started to see things I couldn’t see, hear things I couldn’t hear
Because after you left, I received a power I didn’t have before
The selfish me, who always only knew myself
The heartless me, who didn’t even know your heart
Even I can’t believe that I changed like this
Your love keeps moving me like this

Just by thinking about it, I can fill the world up with you
Because each snowflake is your each tear drop
The one thing I can’t do is bring you to me
I wish I didn’t have this pitiful supernatural power anymore

The selfish me, who always only knew myself
The heartless me, who didn’t even know your heart
Even I can’t believe that I changed like this
Your love keeps moving me like this

I stop time and go back to you
I open your page in my book of memories
I’m inside of there, I am with you

A very small and weak person, your love
Has changed everything, all of my life, all of the world

I didn’t know how thankful your love was
I thought it would stop once it ended
But every day, I’m fixing myself to want you
I think my love will endlessly rise

I stop time (oh now I will) and go back to you
Again today, I open your page in my book of memories
I’m inside of there in that winter

I try to find you, who I can’t see
I try to hear you, who I can’t hear

Senin, 16 Januari 2017

My Last Holiday

I want to tell you about my last holiday

I really love my last holiday. Finally i can go to makkah and medina to do umrah.
i went to makkah  with my family. before that, me and my family prepared  the bags. we were so busy.

At the first day, we went to soekarno-hatta airport. at that time, the flight was delayed. from 11.30 to 14.30. i was so boring. finally the time were coming. the flight took about 6 or 7 hours. well, that was the first time i fly... hahaha... So, how did i feel? I liked it, but i didn,t like it if the weather was not good. I arrived at Jeddah at night. then, we go to Medina by bus. The trip took 6 hours. and when we arrived, we went to our hotel room and getting ready to shalat subuh at nabawi mosque.
The distance between our hotel and the mosque was not really far. So we always took a walk at that time. When i saw the mosque. IT WAS REALLY BEAUTIFUL. I really love it.  
I was surprized it is more beautiful than the picture i saw on internet. I love the architecture and the ornament. The mosque is really big and wide. It even has many doors and gates. Me and my mom went to women's pray area. When i went inside the mosque the women guard checks our bags. I don't know why but my mom said that women are not allowed to bring handphone or any cameras. Inside the mosque, there are so many poles. There are such a shelf to put Qur,an around the poles. The unique things from Nabawi mosque  are the dome of the mosque be able to open and at the terrace of the mosque there are such a umbrella which able to open when it is rain.
At the third day, it was a free day for us to multiply our religious service.
At the forth day, we had a city tour around medina. We went to Quba mosque, Uhud hill, Qiblatain mosque, etc. Also we went to kurma plantation. we bought some kurmas and chocolates. at every shops it was free to eat or try every food in there.
Then , the next day we go to Makkahand finally i saw Ka'bah.   

Senin, 31 Oktober 2016

Lizzie Velasquez

   Lizzie was born in 1989 13th March, 4 weeks premature in Velasquez was born in Austin, Texas. She was diagnosed with an extremely rare condition that made it impossible for her to develop muscle or body fat. The condition itself is so rare that it doesn’t even have a name, and it’s believed to only affect to other people in the world. Initially, doctors didn’t believe Lizzie would have a fulfilling life – there were even concerns she might not survive. They had no idea how she’d been born alive, and they couldn’t imagine her ever being able to walk, or talk. Lizzie, however, has always been one to defy expectations, and although she was incredibly small, Lizzie’s brain, internal organs and bones developed normally.
   Lizzie describes her condition as “one big mystery.” At 4 years old, she went blind in her right eye, for reasons doctors still don’t understand. That eye clouded over and changed colour, so she now has one brown eye and one blue eye. She also has facial features most commonly associated with progeria, including a small mouth, pointed nose, and aged skin – although her disorder differs from progeria in that doctors now don’t believe it will be terminal. While they didn’t understand her condition, Lizzie and her family became very proficient at dealing with it.
   Honestly, she had no idea she was different from other kids until she started kindergarten. To her family, she was just Lizzie. It was a big slap of reality for a 5-year-old. The other kids were scared of her, pointing at her, not wanting to sit with her. She couldn’t process it. she wasn’t doing anything to them, so why was it happening to her?
   Finally, she told her parents and they said, “There is nothing wrong with you, you are just smaller than the other kids. You are beautiful and smart and can accomplish anything.”
   However, when Lizzie was 17 years old,  She decided to be brave and join activities and make friends and learn how to be outgoing. It was scary, but she knew it would pay off. She was staff writer for the school newspaper and took photos for the yearbook. She tried out for cheerleading. The uniforms were really cute and every time she wore it around the school, She felt like a superhero. She was more herself around her peers.
   Then,she did an interview for a local tv station. When the video clip was posted on YouTube, it was labelled “The World’s Ugliest Woman.” When Lizzie found the clip, it had already received 4 million views and was accompanied by a plethora of appalling comments. with comments saying the world would be a better place if she took myself out of it. She read every single comment thinking there would be one person to stand up for her. Not one person said, “She’s a child, leave her alone,” or “You don’t know her story, why she looks like that.”
   Lizzie was heartbroken. She had already spent most of her life being bullied, but in this moment, she felt truly overwhelming pain. Fortunately Lizzie’s parents had a different take on it and reportedly said to her “You can have your one good cry and let it out, but then you have to pick your head up and move on to something positive.”
   Since then, Lizzie has devoted her life to speaking out against cyber-bullying and negative body image. In 2013, she did a TEDx talk in Austin. Her Ted Talk on true beauty has been watched more than 7 million times, and she has become an internationally sought-after motivational speaker. She’s also written 3 inspirational books, and The Lizzie Project, a film inspired by her life, was funded through an incredibly successful Kickstarter project, which reached its $180,000 fundraising goal in less than a month. Hers is a considerable contribution to a world much in need of reformed attitudes to these issues, and although we still have a long way to go to fulfill Lizzie’s mission of eliminating cyber-bullying entirely, there’s no question that the world is a kinder – and more beautiful – place because Lizzie is in it.

“Now I actually look at my condition as a gift… it’s something that I’m blessed to have and I want to share this gift with anyone who will have it.”


Senin, 03 Oktober 2016


To: All ten graders of SMAN 3 Bandung

Tomorrow is an independence day. Our school will held a ceremony. 
All of student of ten graders must attend the ceremony because this ceremony is an important event. The ceremony will be held on:

Date: August 17th 2016
Time: 07.00 AM - 10.00 AM
Place: SMAN 3 Bandung

All ten graders must come to school at 6.30 as usual. All student are expected to attend the ceremony. Don’t forget to wear your uniform. And please don’t come late. 

You can watch the video on

Senin, 26 September 2016

My unforgettable moment


In my life there are many memories. Every people have happy memories or maybe bad memories. But, for me, all memories make me feel happy even that is a bad memory.  It makes me laugh when I remember that moment.  Memory makes everybody’s life colorful. But, there is always an unforgettable memory or moment. 

When I was junior high school at 7th grade. My school, Al-Irsyad held a competition. It called Al-Irsyad Got Talent. At that competition, all of class had to show their performance to all of students and teacher like sing, dance, or something else. My class wanted to sing a song. So, everyday we practiced in the school hall. We sang and made choreography. We were so tired.

The comprtition was begun. We were so strained. But, our teacher kept made us clam. Every performances from other class were very cool. So it made us worried.
This was the time for us to showed our talents. Then we sang very melodious. Our choreography was succesed. Our teachers and all students gave us applause. We were very happy at that time. After that, out teachers told us that there were three winner classes. Mr. Herman, one of our teacher  announced the winners. We were shocked that we were the 2nd. We were so happy and free of worried.

My Arabic teacher told us that all winners would show their performance at ‘open house’. Open house is a program of Al-irsyad to accepting new students every three months. At that program there are many performance from Al-Irsyad students. Start from kindergarten, elementary school, until junior high school. So we have to show our performance at that program.

After knew that we have to show our performance. We practiced again. But, there were some changes. The changes are we removed the choreography and there must a solo singer from one of us. I was so afraid that time because  I was chosen to sang certain part of the song we sang. I was getting stressed. That was an embarrassing moment.

Suddenly, one of Open House committee came to us. And she told us that we had to go to the stage. We were frightened. We ran to the stage and tried to calm down. We sang the song. I hold the microphone. But, something embarrassing happened. The sound was to louded when I sang the certain part. i saw a kid  closed his eyes. After that moment. I WILL NEVER WANT TO SING AGAIN WITH MICROPHONE!!!